Summer Scholars Program (SSP)

Program Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Summer Scholars' Program (SSP) is to provide a 10-week research-intensive experience for rising sophomores and juniors with a faculty mentor and professional development opportunities. The Summer Scholars' Program aims to support student retention efforts.      SSP Proposal     2023 Students & Faculty

Faculty Proposals
Call for research projects (SP2023)
Review and selection process (February 2023)
Mentor training (April/May 2023)

Mentor training
Approval of final report & reflection
Program assessment
Support student(s) at UGR conference

$8,000 scholarship

The Summer Scholars Program will be a 10-week program with an eight-week residence requirement and two weeks for remote work. During the program, students will be required to meet weekly for an hour-long professional development seminar, enroll in one course of a least 3 credit hours, and conduct 25 hours of research per week. Students are required to present their findings at the spring undergraduate research conference hosted by the Experiential Learning Office.