Global Studies Minor

Students who complete the global studies minor will have an increased awareness of the society, culture, technical issues, and/or language of at least one country other than the United States prior to the completion of their Missouri S&T undergraduate experience. This awareness will aid in the preparation of Missouri S&T students to be successful in an increasingly global workforce. Any Missouri S&T student enrolled in an undergraduate degree program is eligible for the Global Studies minor program, which consists of 12 credit hours from an approved list of classes and at least 2 weeks of experience in a foreign country acquired during a Missouri S&T class or research project, an approved Missouri S&T extracurricular activity, and/or an approved Missouri S&T study abroad activity.

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Global Studies Minor Representatives

Arts & Humanities: Alanna Krolikowsi (2024) and Michel Gueldry (2025)
Engineering: Syed Alam (2024), William Gillis (2024) (Chair), Eric Showalter (2025), and Grace Yan (2025)
Sciences: V. Prakash Reddy (2024) and Theodore Sumnicht (2025)
Social Sciences: LiLi Eng (2024) and Sarah Stanley (2025)
AT LARGE: Ryan Cheek (2025)