DUE OCTOBER 16, 2023

The Experiential Learning Award recognizes faculty and staff who require undergraduate students to go beyond mastering basic skills and knowledge in the application of that material to problem solving challenges.  These activities involve collaborations and reflective learning and allow students to learn environments that align with their aptitudes.

The Service Learning Award recognizes faculty and staff who involve or influence undergraduate students in academic service learning or community service activities outside the classroom.

Experiential & Service Learning Award

Nomination Packet Must Include

  • Nominator supporting statement (limit 2 pages)
  • Up to three letters of support (limit 1 page each)
  • Not following these instructions could result in being disqualified

Electronic Nomination Form

1 Faculty and 1 Staff Award per year
**Winners are not eligible to win two years in a row

Due - October 16, 2023

What is asked on the form?

(section 1)
Awards Description

(section 2) Nominee Information
Faculty or Staff, Name, Title, Department, Phone Number, Email

(section 3) Nominator Information
Faculty, Staff or Student, Name, Title, Department, Phone Number, Email

(section 4) Letter of Support
Nominator Supporting Statement, 3 Letters of Support

Past Award Winners


Dr. Jillian Schmidt 2022
Dr. Michelle Schwartze 2021
Dr. Amber Henslee 2019
Oscar Kemp 2018
Jessica Haywood 2017
Dr. Daniel Oerther 2017
Dr. Sarah Stanley 16-17
Dr. Curt Elmore 15-16
Dr. Joan Schuman 14-15
Dr. Amber Henslee 13-14
Dr. Jana Neiss 13-14
Dr. Bonnie Bachman 12-13
Dr. Katie Shannon 11-12
Dr. Kathryn Northcut 10-11
Dr. Richard Stephenson 10-11
Dr. Anne Maglia 09-10
Dr. Karl Burgher 08-09
Dr. A. Curt Elmore 08-09


Courtney Jones 2022
Dr. Daniel B. Oerther 2022
Dr. Daniel Stutts 2021
Dr. Robin Verble 2021
John Gallagher 2020
Dr. Ashok Midha 2020
Dr. Julie Semon 2020 
Dr. Rohit Dua 2019
Kevin Shaw 2019
Dr. Devin Burns 2018
Dr. Kathleen Sheppard 2018
Jacob Sherry 2018
Dr. Stuart Baur 2017
Dr. David Westenberg 2017
Dr. Norbert Maerz 16-17
Brett Watson 16-17
Dr. Bonnie Bachman 15-16
Patty Frisbee 15-16
Dr. Rohit Dua 14-15
Curtis D. Phelps 14-15
Benjamin White 14-15